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We are a distributor and service company, specializing in supplying a wide range of equipments to Laboratory, Industry, University and Hospital Market in Vietnam.

We are the distributor for:

BEVS Industrial

Manufacturer Testing Instrument for Paint and Inks. A leading manufacturer special in coatings, ink, Painting,..

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Horiba Scientific

Benchtop / Portable / Compact Water Quality Analyzers: pH, mV (ORP), ION, DO, CON, TDS, Salinity…

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A&E Lab

Laboratory Instruments,Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Spectrophotometer, Visible Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Automatic Polarimeter,..

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Adam Equipment

Industrial and laboratory weighing equipment. Balances and scales from Adam Equipment meet the application needs of the laboratory, educational, industrial, retail and medical fields. …

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Manufacturer of various refractometers, polarimeter, saccharimeter, pHmeter, saltmeter, Brix meter, refractive index such as Abbe, hand-held, digital, pocket,..

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Precision measurement instruments for the determination of the water activity in food, pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic products.

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Color Controller

Colour Assessment Cabinets,Global Leader in Color Viewing Cabinet Solutions, Color Cards, Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer, …

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Boeco GmbH

Laboratory Equipment, Optical Instruments, Liquid Handling, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Plasticware, Laboratory Filter Papers,…

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Biological Safety Cabinet, Horizontal Laminar Airflow Cabinet, Vertical Laminar Airflow Cabinet, Fume Hood, …

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Laboratory viscometers, Rheometers, Cone/Plate Viscometers, Rheometer, Texture Analysis, Powder Flow Testing, on-line viscosity, Viscosity Silicone and Oil Standards,…

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Chopin Technologies

Equipment for the quality control of cereals, flours: Measures dough characteristics during mixing process as well as protein and starch quality,…

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Copley Scientific

Disintegration Testing, Dissolution Testing, Friability Testing, Hardness Testing, Thickness Testing, Powder Testing, Semisolids Testing, Suppository Testing, Detergent Testing,…

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Ellab A/S

Leading manufacturer of process validation and monitoring systems used in the food, medical device and pharmaceutical. Wireless thermal validation, Data Loggers, Thermal Validation System, Pyrogen testing, …

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Spectrophotometers, Microprocessor Biochemical Analyzer, Spectrophotometer for testing water, waste water, agricultural, food, industry, chemistry, environmental, and related industries,…

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Lambda Scientific

FTIR, laser Raman spectrometer, IR spectrophotometer, Dual-Beam Infrared Spectrophotometer, CCD grating spectrometer, FT-IR Spectrometer Accessories, …

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Novex Microscopes

Biological microscopes , binocular microscope, Stereo microscope, Fluorescence microscope, …

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Manufacturer of temperature control products used in a variety of applications and industries: Heated Circulating Baths, Chillers and Coolers, Refrigerating Circulators, Calibration Baths,..

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Rhopoint Instrument

Gloss meter, Opacity Meter, Haze Meter, DOI Meters, viscosity meter, KU Units, Hiding Power, Oil standard, …

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Sturdy offers high-quality products, Autoclaves for laboratory: Steam Autoclave Sterilizer, Vertical Type Autoclave Sterilizer, Horizontal Type Sterilizer,…

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Unity Scientific

Near Infrared Analysis (NIR), Feed Analyzer, Cocoa / Chocolate Analyzer, Flour Milling Analyzer, Olive Analyzer, Potato Analyzer, Pet Food Analyzer, Aquafeed Analyzer, ..

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Yamato Scientific

Manufactured under stringent ISO quality control processes. Products include Ovens, Incubators, Muffle Furnaces, Water Baths, Rotary Evaporators and Spray Dryers, as well as numerous special purpose items,…

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Chamber plate Type Filter Presses, Dehydrating Belt presses, Rotary Drum Thickening, Sludge Dryer,Drum Filter,..

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